Brand of the week: Supreme


Supreme -The Chanel of downtown streetwear. It exists in a cult-like bubble and many of their short-run products have a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shelf-life. Taking that into consideration, it was no surprise when I visited their NYC store and my jaw pretty much dropped walking in; They had couple of t-shirts hanging on two racks, one bucket hat and some skate decks. Thats it. Nothing else.

The fashion industry doesn´t understand Supreme and that is exactly why I like the brand. Selectivity and exclusivity are an integral part of the brand’s DNA. And to that I say, give it to momma!

But then again, nothing is more annoying and time comsuming than hunting down those sold-out Supreme pieces on Ebay. Well, thou shall not worry no more, the huntress is here to save the day! 

I found a couple of sites that carry the sold-out Supreme pieces.

So here you go, get ya Supreme on!


Curated Supply


Fairfax Natives