I need this Versace thong in my life!

Not the one Rihanna is wearing here though. Oh, well, why not! :P 

I´m pretty much gonna give zero f*cks for the fact that there´s a tiny chance these might be for men. Zero fucks given. There. For men or women, who cares!

" Oh but I got my #mycalvins bottom and top set in heather grey and they´re supercomfy´n´all.." One might whimper. Good lawd, who wears Calvin Kleins anymore? Everybody who wants to look exactly as the same as everyone else, that´s who.

If you´re a boss ass chick and you rock Tommy Hilfiger underwear like Aaliyah did back in the day, then we can talk! ;) If that´s the look you´re going for but updated to 2015 with a badgal twist, these Versace´s are for you.

Anyways, to get your hand on these bad boys, click here;


Elite store is a spanish site so no customs hassle. Free shipping for orders over 500€. I haven´t ordered from them yet but def will in the near future! Site is full of awesome pieces!