Pigalle basketball white cotton tank top


" WE IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT!! " as Ludacris would put it. Better yet, shout it at the top of his lunges.

Love, love, love anything and everything Pigalle.

I have one in size S which is a semi loose fit for a tall girl like me.

Railso store is located in Brescia, Italy and I have visited it so it is an actual boutique, not just existing here in the virtual world.

Order yours from here;


They have one in black too;


And their entire Pigalle collection you can locate here;


By the way, I once got flipped the bird by a prostitute at Amsterdam´s red light district. I was just trying to take a photo of her cause she was bangin hot. Oh, such good memories!

What was I doing there? Sightseeing, duh.