Local love: Acolyth

I´m going to make a Local love post every now and then to tell you all about the dopest stores, designers and people in the industry that Finland has to offer.

At the top of my list; Acolyth store / art space located in the heart of Helsinki! Carrying brands such as Achilles Ion Gabried, Daniel Palillo, Burlesque Tsunami, Kidda, Kolya Kotov, Odeur, Onar and Teemu Keisteri to name a few.

This sums the store perfectly, quoted straight from their website;

" Acolyth is a multibrand fashion store and e-store based in Helsinki, Finland that sells Finnish and international designers. Acolyth's driving force is to carry young Finnish brands and introduce them internationally through the e-store but also to bring new brands from abroad to the local market. Acolyth has stocked well-known international menswear and womenswear designers such as Ann-Sofie Back, Christopher Shannon and Stephan Schneider. For each season, the store's selection transforms to fit the current mood and is always comprised of hand-picked collections and rare items from local and international designers. "

But for me it´s all about Joonas Saari, the man behind it all. Not only is he the heart and brains behind anything and everything Acolyth but when I first stepped into the store, he gave me such great customer service even though the store had a busy event that evening, that it has stuck on my mind ever since. 

As you might know, I´m super picky when it comes to customer service. In other words, I do not care if you are the only store in the entire universe that carries the item I want, if I get bad customer service from you or yours, for example giving me the side eye or you just plain ignore me, keep talking on the phone with ya homie, keep chatting on facebook, texting etc etc while we are the only to people in the store, you can bet your life on it that I will make a U-turn and walk straight away with my loot. By-Bye! After working seven years in customer service for me it is very black and white. Either you have it or you don´t. 

And Acolyth def has it, flawless customer service online and in person. One can just NJOY and you´ll find great pieces and designers you won´t find from anywhere else in the city.

They arrange great events and the store works as an art space too where they showcase art pieces from talented local artists. They carry local designers too, such as Kolya Kotov and he will definitely be featured in the Local love in the near future.

Acolyth has worldwide shipping and offers free shipping for orders over 150€. All the exact shipping costs you can find from here.

Online shopping in general is nice and all but if you ever visit Helsinki, make sure to pop in the store too, it´ll def be worth the visit!

M <3 Acolyth!