Pink Heritage Flandana

Näyttökuva 2015-04-15 kohteessa 11.05.33.png

Lawd. It was snowing here in Finland yesterday. That´s why you need this your life! I have one and just love how dope and warm it is at the same time. I want one in every possible color!

See the brands dope Instagram photos (@notcool2becold) and order yours NOW from here;

Dollskill have 5 USD SHIPPING OFFER UNTIL TOMORROW so place your order asap! Read my post HUF x Trasher to learn more about Dollskill.

If the pink is too much for you they have these in red and black too. French store Colette has two versions of these in the Flandana x October´s very own OVO collabo logo which you can both get from here;

I´m tellin´you, Flandana it is!