HUF x Trasher

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Going on the Dollskill site, you´re gonna feel like you´re thrown in the middle of an EDM party mixed with the Coachella crowd with a couple of Harajuku girls runnin´ around in the midst of it all. But thou shall not be scared by that cause there´s some great pieces hidden inside their pages. For example this HUF x Trasher collection.

The best part, THEIR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS 5 USD UNTIL TOMORROW. Normal flat rate is 20 USD. And trust me when I say the customer service is off the freakin´ chain! They are SO, SO flexible and so so sooooo bangin´. I have ordered from them and have never come across customer service this chill. These ladies ROCK!

P.S My Finnish readers; Lue Tip of the week: TULLI poustaukseni niin ymmärrät mitä tarkoitan kun sanon heidän asiakaspalvelun olevan rentoa. RENTOA. Got it? Ei muuta kun mailia vaan heille, kerrot että olet Suomesta ja tilausta sisään! 

Plus the delivery is superfast even with the standard shipping. My order arrived in 4 days. Four days!!

Here are all my other favorites they have to offer;

Basquiat Anatomy long sleeve

Bondage Bearz teddybear

Anchors away beach towel

I´m way ahead of you jacket

Raise Yer Metal horns camo jacket

Ride Hard hoodie

Joyrich x Playboy panel shorts

Eleven Paris Kate Moss Virgin Mary t-shirt

Joyrich Rich kid boyfriend jean

and last but not def not least, the entire W.I..A collection!